What is Colocation

A colocation data center is a physical facility that offers space with the proper power, cooling and security to host businesses’ computing hardware and servers. We can accommodate from 1U systems, up to full racks, multiple racks, private cages, and even your own private or shared suites. At Polymer Networks we give provide our customers the best colocation services possible.

Often, colocation providers lease space to various tenants looking for colocation services – including network providers, cloud providers, and enterprises. These tenants can then interconnect to one another within the colocation data center and do business together. This allows businesses to centralize their IT operations and create an efficient architecture that can reduce costs.

Colocation Services


Single server colocation is ideal for startups and customers who are beginning their initial phase of operating their personal, business or enterprise applications in a secured facility.


Cabinet colocation is a smaller scale deployment, ideal for customers looking for maximum agility and room to scale in the future.


A tailored solution that lets you customize a secured portion of our facility to support the specific requirements of your deployment.

Colocation Related Services


We offer the resources required to help install, operate, and manage your data center deployment.


We offer dedicated deployment project management resources, enabling a smooth installation.

Benefits of Data Center Colocation

Colocation provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Customers can benefit from a 99.9% uptime SLA and focus on core business rather than managing a data center. Additionally, colocation provides dedicated, private connection options to hundreds of network, cloud and IT service providers to help streamline your architecture.


In the always-on world we inhabit, organizations often need to make sure their services are available 24/7 – guaranteed. With robust infrastructure and built-in redundancies across power generators and cooling; Polymer’s operation team ensures that your equipment and data are always up and running whenever you and your customers need it.


Security and regulatory requirements are a major concern for most organizations. Polymer Network data center colocation provides comprehensive measures to meet these requirements, restricting and securing unauthorized access to the facility such as 24x7x365 in-house security officers, perimeter fencing, mantrap entries, IP-DVR cameras, biometrics and keycard scanners.


Colocation provides mutliple opportunities to reduce operating costs. From power, networking costs, dedicated operational, security, and cooling efforts all must be considered beyond the expense of basic equipment. Clear up internal resources by relying on Polymer Network to maintain the data center space.


A colocation facility of choice should be able to support your future growth. Whether you are starting small and need to expand, move into a new market, have a build-to-suit requirement, or need to connect to the cloud, we provide suitable solutions to support your needs.


Carrier-neutral colocation facilities provide you with a marketplace of networks, clouds and IT service providers that compete for your business. Leverage direct connections and gain access to hundreds of businesses within our data centers.


Directly connect to a cloud service provider of your choice within the colocation facility. Experience cost savings and performance benefits of cloud interconnection solutions from leading cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle and IBM on-site.

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