Content Delivery Network

Improve and optimize site performance instantly.

revolutionary approach for businesses

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a revolutionary approach for businesses and it gives you immediate access to global content delivery network. It works by caching your site’s static files like graphics, images, JavaScript, CSS and videos and delivering them to your site’s visitors via the Content Delivery Network location closest to them. Because the higher resource components are being delivered locally to the visitor, it greatly improves the end user experience, delivers faster load times and can improve your search ranking.

Polymer Network’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) greatly improves and optimizes site performance instantly by serving your content closer to your audience. Whether it’s next door or around the world, we have over 100 PoP locations in our network around the world, shortening the route normally required for your end-users to view your contents by caching your files from the original server to their nearest geographic location.

Advantages of CDN Hosting

  • Access to multiple Points of Presence around the world
  • Deliver software worldwide improving the speed of delivery
  • Flexible Pricing model to fit your business needs
  • Build global reach instantly with secure and highly available services
  • Leverage industry-leading infrastructure and network backbone that has been provided to confirm to your IT objectives

Premium Managed Support

Once your solution is live, our technical engineers ensures that your servers are running at optimal performance and frees you from managing many common issues including OS management, security patching, and hot fixes.

Easy To Use

In less than 5 minutes, you can begin leveraging the Content Delivery Network and improving your sites loading times for rapid delivery.

Super Fast

By leveraging more than 100+ locations worldwide, you can make your content available from hundreds of servers, all at the same time. Accelerate your video and audio loading times! Stream the highest quality media using HTTP Pseudo Streaming with Nginx.

Enhanced Security

Because your content is served over an inclusive network of dedicated; high-end servers worldwide, we are able to content the data and limit access by malicious users.

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