Virtual Private LAN Service – VPLS

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Any-to-any connectivity, point-to-point services, and multipoint services

VPLS or Virtual Private LAN Service, also known as VPLS Circuit, Point to Point Ethernet, VPLS Service, ELAN, VPLS Network, Metro Ethernet, or Carrier Ethernet Serviceis an advanced virtual private network or VPN. VPLS service allows multiple networks to be integrated into a single, compressed virtual private network. VPLS solutions are a layer 2 network alternative to other traditionally implemented Wide Area Network (WAN) services, such as an IPsec VPN, MPLS VPN, or point to point circuits.

Each site on a VPLS network appears to be located on the same LAN, regardless of its geographic location. With virtual private LAN service, a customer addresses packets by MAC address vs IP address, and the provider’s edge (PE) equipment behaves like a switch. In addition, mesh network topology allows a VPLS to provide any-to-any connectivity, point-to-point services, and multipoint services, making VPLS service a very flexible networking solution for multiple sites.

Virtual Private LAN Applications

  • Replacement for IP VPN, MPLS, PtP Circuits
  • Securely Extending LAN to Remote Sites
  • Connecting Multiple Datacenters & Cloud Networks
  • Integrating Voice, Internet, Data
  • Domestic & Global Networks

Features & Benefits of VPLS Service

  • Greater Network Control
  • Flexible & Scalable Networks
  • Port Based Pricing – Not Distance Based
  • Meshed Network with Secure VPN Connectivity
  • Multiple CoS Levels for Traffic Prioritization
  • Guaranteed Network Performance – SLA

Polymer Network’s Virtual Private LAN Service(VPLS) provides multipoint to multipoint communication over our core MPLS network. This service allows customers with WAN sites in geographically dispersed locations to communicate as if they are connected to the same LAN.

Polymer Network’s VPLS service allows businesses of any size to fully control routing using dynamic class-of-service tagging. VPLS is Ethernet transparent so customers can rely on it to carry any type on Ethernet traffic, not just IP based protocols.



All traffic is transported over Polymer Network’s MPLS private network designed for privacy and security.


Any-to-any connectivity enables maximum performance and value.

Quality of Service(QoS)

Advanced traffic engineering to support data, voice, video, and other critical information.


Scalable solution with speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to GigE.

Access technologies

Polymer Network supports multiple access technologies for last-mile access connectivity.

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