While many focused on the challenge of an initial IT deployment, keeping the system up-to-date, secure, and high-performing requires significantly more time, resources, and agility. You’ll work with our experienced team of managed services engineers to design, deliver, and maintain a secure, flexible solution that addresses key elements of a hybrid IT strategy—leveraging internal infrastructure, hosted infrastructure, and third-party cloud services.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring solutions assist enterprises in discovering everything related to network infrastructure & offers comprehensive resolutions through continuous monitoring, alerting, and assessment. The advanced performance monitoring notifies the uptime & downtime of the network, servers, systems, and applications.

Remote Hands

Ready to boost your operations and cut costs? Offering an attractive alternative to alleviating your support staff requirements, Polymer Network’s Remote Hands services transform the way you manage your server assets.

Server Support

Polymer Network’s Managed Server offering provides the option for you to select individual services or an all-in inclusive solution to maintain and protect your organization’s servers.  Our solution offers monthly patching, upgrade and migration services, overall monitoring, backup and restoration services, and complete management, utilizing industry leading software and tools.