Managed Services

Remote Hands

Ready to boost your operations and cut costs?

We’re On-Site When You Can’t Be.

Ready to boost your operations and cut costs? Offering an attractive alternative to alleviating your support staff requirements, Polymer Network’s Remote Hands services transform the way you manage your server assets.

When you colocate with Polymer Networks, you have unrestricted access to a highly skilled, experienced team of support engineers to resolve a multitude of emergency and routine technical tasks. Our primary objective is to deliver the same or even greater provision than if you were to run your systems in house with your own staff, so our customers can focus on other important aspects of their business.

With Remote hands at your service you’ll get

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • No restrictions on call out or usage
  • Access to both Technical Support and Service Engineers
  • 15-20 minute average turnaround time for issue resolution
  • Increased manpower for day-to-day technical tasks
  • Freedom to focus on strategic initiatives
  • On-demand or pre-paid subscription service options

Our engineers are standing by 24/7 to

  • Provide fault investigation on customer equipment
  • Investigate faults on customer circuits supplied by Telehouse which includes full end-to-end test and repair where applicable
  • Installing, replacing or removing equipment, including routers, switches, system modules, disk drives, memory, etc. supplied by the customer
  • Perform equipment resets/reboots/power cycle at the request of the customer
  • Investigate localized customer network issues when notified by the customer
  • Relocating equipment within your data center racks, cabinets and cage
  • Providing visual verifications supported with digital photos
  • Patching equipment to a patch panel based on a supplied patching schedule


Cabling and Wiring

Functions performed include cross connect termination and moving, securing or dressing existing cabling.

Physical Labor

Tasks such as racking and stacking equipment, moving or discarding boxes or equipment, and basic cleaning of customer space can be done.

Basic Device Management

Remote Hands staff can verify device physical status, swap modular equipment, plug-in serial cables and more.

Shipping and Receiving

Packing, labeling, unpacking and inventory of boxes and equipment can be performed by Remote Hands staff.


Functions ranging from basic circuit testing and diagnostics to advanced circuit migrations in coordination with carriers/ISPs are available.

Media Management

Simple tasks such as swapping of tapes, storage media or removable media can be easily accomplished by Remote Hands staff.

Inventory Auditing

Full or partial deployment audits, device labeling, photographing space or equipment and cross connect tracing can be performed.

Escorted Access

Vendors and consultants can be escorted to and from a customer’s space, and observed while they are working within the space.

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