Your network is the engine that allows your applications and environments to run effectively in an increasingly hyper-connected business world. As the digital universe continues to double in size nearly every two years, you need adequate data center bandwidth that scales in lockstep with your evolving needs.

Our growing network of strategically located data centers in high-growth markets not only provides you with reliable colocation infrastructure and cloud technology, but added flexibility, resiliency and protection for your production workloads. We view your network as foundational to bringing your strategies to fruition today and increasing your competitiveness as your industry evolves.

Polymer Network offers a broad range of high-capacity, low-latency network connectivity solutions. We help you simplify your day-to-day responsibilities and align the objectives of your IT infrastructure solutions with the strategic goals of your organization. We’ll assess your organization’s network requirements, partnering with you to design a solution that ensures maximum uptime, interconnectivity, cross connections, and availability.

Our 1000+ Gbps core network backbone is built to accommodate large traffic spikes without sacrificing network connectivity, latency or application performance.

  • Avoid single points of failure with automatic rerouting through redundant paths
  • Improve application performance
  • Scale with ease to meet peak traffic demands
  • 1000+ Gbps multi-carrier network backbone
  • Greater predictive scaling and lower latency
  • Built-in best-in-class network security
  • Diverse and significant network federation capabilities
  • Expert resources and time-tested solutions for managing complex networks


Interconnection services are the physical connections between those companies that enable this exchange of data. This is best achieved in a vendor-neutral data center with a large ecosystem of vendors colocated together.

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

VPLS service allows multiple networks to be integrated into a single, compressed virtual private network. VPLS solutions are a layer 2 network alternative to other traditionally implemented Wide Area Network (WAN) services, such as an IPsec VPN, MPLS VPN, or point to point circuits.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network is a revolutionary approach for businesses and it gives you immediate access to global content delivery network, by caching your site’s static files and delivering them via your visitors’ closest POP (Point of Presence).

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